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Oct 19

First Listen: Restorations, 'LP3'

For as loud and triumphant a rock 'n' roll band as Restorations is, frontman Jon Loudon sure is beset by insecurities. "I drink too much coffee, I bite my nails, I do a lot of pacing," Loudon…
Oct 19

First Listen: Lily & Madeleine, 'Fumes'

Sisterhood, novelist Marilynne Robinson writes in Housekeeping, "is like sitting at night in a lighted house. Those outside can watch you if they want, but you need not see them." Few performers are…
Oct 19

First Listen: Yusuf, 'Tell 'Em I'm Gone'

The Sunday-school singalong "You Are My Sunshine" is the rare evergreen that seems to withstand all manner of musical abuse. There have been disco versions and polka versions, as well as plenty of…
Oct 19

First Listen: Medicine, 'Home Everywhere'

For a brief moment, Brad Laner's band Medicine seemed to encapsulate the '90s. Signed first to Creation Records and then to Rick Rubin's American Recordings, the shoegaze-y L.A. rock group made a…
Oct 19

First Listen: Daniel Lanois, 'Flesh And Machine'

Sometimes it helps to know where an artist is from. Geography can define a sound, but while Daniel Lanois is from Ontario, he might as well hail from Saturn. His new album, Flesh And Machine, defies…